Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Lately prospective students have been asking about the quality of public transportation around the sugar house area so I figured that this would be a good opportunity to talk about it. UTA( Utah transit authority) has been building new lines for the famous "Trax" system that currently runs through downtown Salt Lake. Trax is a lot more efficient then running buslines down busy streets. Up until recently, we have not been able to use trax as much in the sugar house area because the nearest line starts up at the university of Utah (4 miles away). The current plans for the trax growth includes adding a line to sugar house and naming it the "streetcar". This "streetcar" will open up a lot of UTA options for Westminster students and it is schedule to start operating a year from now! Here's the link for the streetcar http://www.rideuta.com/mc/?page=Projects-SugarHouseStreetCar.

On top of the sugar house addition, UTA is currently completing an airport trax line! So instead of getting a ride to the airport when you fly home for break, you can just take Trax. Our student ID's double as UTA passes which allow you to travel anywhere in the bus/trax lines for free. Westminster has an agreement with UTA that help us get the free deal. A lot of students use this to their advantage during ski season. UTA runs buses up little cottonwood, big cottonwood, and parleys canyon every day. This helps with traffic in the canyons and gives students without cars a chance to ski. for more information on UTA and their growth plans you can check out this link...http://www.rideuta.com/mc/?page=Projects-FrontLines2015-AirportTRAXLine

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