Monday, March 25, 2013

From the Seashores of Old Mexico...


Over the past three years I have spent my spring break either playing lacrosse or working here in Salt Lake. I promised myself that this year I would go on a trip. Well one month  ago started my journey of a lifetime..

Week One:

Eric (who is one of my best friends and like a brother to me)  and myself packed up his Mazda three and headed south down I-15 for Las Vegas. After a late night in Vegas at the Excalibur(castle like casino) we hit the open road headed for Long Beach, CA.  Waiting in Long Beach was a massive 2,000 passenger Cruise ship waiting to take us on a nice five day journey to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. If you have never been on a cruise, I highly recommend trying it out. Food was available 24/7, we had 5 star dinning every night, bars, a nightclub, casino, and plenty of beach type activities. Every morning I would wake up and relax with a beautiful view overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I think I went through the Kenny Chesney playlist on my Ipod about nine times haha. Catalina(a small Island off the coast of California) was really scenic and offered some great daytime entertainment. Ensenada  was also an enjoyable experience. I had never been south of the border before so needless  to say I was quite excited. Ensenada is an old fishing village located on the baja peninsula. The town is an authentic Mexican village that boasts great food and many historic attractions. Our last full day on the Cruise was probably my favorite part. I sat outside the whole day and homework didn't even cross my mind(so worth the 11 hour drive to LA). On top of the relaxation part, Carnival did a great job making sure that passengers could always find something to do. They even had a nine hole mini golf course on the upper deck of the cruise ship. The ship pulled into port the next morning but our journey was far from over.

After proceeding through customs, Eric and myself headed north up the Pacific Coast Highway in search of a nice beach crash on for the day. Our search took us all the way up to Santa Monica where we found a cool place know as Venice Beach. Venice is one of the most interesting places I have ever been to;. It's like taking a small part of Vegas and placing it on a boardwalk in Southern California. The boardwalk was filled with street performers, vendors, and taco shops. If you have ever seen the movie "I Love you, Man" it is where Jason segel and Paul rudd meet for dinner. We were the only two people on the beach dumb enough to swim in the Pacific Ocean this time of year. Apparently 65 degree water is cold to Californians...I didn't think it was too bad.

We left Venice beach bound for Anaheim where our hotel, and hockey tickets awaited us. If you love hockey and are ever in So Cal when the NHL is in full swing, check out the Honda Center. It is a great place to watch a game and the Ducks have an awesome team. It was easily one of the best hockey games I have seen live. Plus the Ducks have the most attractive female fan base in the NHL(sorry Buffalo but theres just something about California Girls).

The last day of our Epic journey took us to the Famous Disneyland theme park. We were able to score free park entrance thanks to a friend of mine from Westminster. Eric and I rode just about everything in both parks all in one day...that is extremely hard to do. But by three o'clock it was time to make our way back North to Salt Lake. We all night long and wound up getting in at 3 am Sunday morning....7 days after we embarked on this epic vacation. As you can see I had an amazing time touring around with my best friend during what promises to be my last spring break ever. Eric was back in Class Monday morning and my vacation was only half over...tune in next week to find out where I spent week two of my spring break. Till then...


Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Lately prospective students have been asking about the quality of public transportation around the sugar house area so I figured that this would be a good opportunity to talk about it. UTA( Utah transit authority) has been building new lines for the famous "Trax" system that currently runs through downtown Salt Lake. Trax is a lot more efficient then running buslines down busy streets. Up until recently, we have not been able to use trax as much in the sugar house area because the nearest line starts up at the university of Utah (4 miles away). The current plans for the trax growth includes adding a line to sugar house and naming it the "streetcar". This "streetcar" will open up a lot of UTA options for Westminster students and it is schedule to start operating a year from now! Here's the link for the streetcar

On top of the sugar house addition, UTA is currently completing an airport trax line! So instead of getting a ride to the airport when you fly home for break, you can just take Trax. Our student ID's double as UTA passes which allow you to travel anywhere in the bus/trax lines for free. Westminster has an agreement with UTA that help us get the free deal. A lot of students use this to their advantage during ski season. UTA runs buses up little cottonwood, big cottonwood, and parleys canyon every day. This helps with traffic in the canyons and gives students without cars a chance to ski. for more information on UTA and their growth plans you can check out this link...

Monday, November 5, 2012

New York State of Mind


I'm not sure how many of you have been following the news these past few days...but the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has left me in the New York State of Mind. Currently 8 million plus people are without power, Lower Manhattan is flooded, buildings are on fire, the Appalachians are buried in 2 plus feet of snow, and mid Atlantic states are flooding fast. Why is this relevant to the Westminster community you ask?...Westminster has a large population of students from the eastern seaboard that have families who still live back there, including myself. Our student body is made up of about 50% of people that are not from the state of Utah. A good chunk of that 50% hail from the Eastern Seaboard...unlike any school in the state of Utah.

I have been following this storm for the last few days anxiously waiting to see what affect it would have on the Northeast. It was pretty hard to watch all of this unfold from the comfort of my home in Salt Lake (seeing as how are weather has been 70 clear all week). I'd be lieing to you all if I said that I was not the least bit worried about my family and friends in the 607...especially because we still have not recovered from a tornado that devastated the area while I was home over the summer. The cool thing I can share with you about this experience is how comforting the Westminny community has been. Like I stated earlier, I am not the only one here who has connections to the affected areas. Being able to talk with other students who share the same concerns has been comforting. And because we are such a small school, everyone who has seen me on campus lately has asked how my family is doing (that's just not something you would see a big school). Till next time...


Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Time


Fall seems to be on it's way(if not already here) in Utah...the leaves are changing, the temp is getting colder, and apple cider is on the shelves. This means that snow is on the way! Fall is one of the things I miss most about by home state. Theres nothing that really compares to Autumn in up-state NY. I grew up picking apples, drinking Apple cider by the gallon, and eating my moms homemade(now gluten free) apple and pumpkin pies. Though the Salt Lake Valley is not quite up state New York, it still has alot to offer for fall activity.

For starters, the hiking this time of year is outstanding. The trees are already changing color, and the cool mountain air is refreshing from the mid day heat. If your a sportsman, the river temps are dropping which means the trout will be plentiful over the course of the next 4 weeks..deer season is almost here as well. If the outdoors are not your thing, there are many fall festivals taking place to keep you.

Snowbird Ski Resort offers a two month long Oktoberfest Celebration for all ages. It takes place every weekend from mid August- Early October and has been around for over 30 years. The festival celebrates German culture and offers a wide array of food, beverages, and entertainment. Another fall tradition is the Farmers Market in Downtown SLC that happens a few days a week from August Through October. It gives locals a chance to buy produce and support the local farms right here in the state of Utah. Sugarhouse also puts on organic food and farmers markets every know and then. Gotta love the fall time.

Here's the link for Oktoberfest! enjoy.


Monday, September 17, 2012


Today starts the third week of classes for this semester already. I cannot stress enough how fast time flies when your busy with homework, outdoor recreation, and hanging out with everyone on campus. I rarely ever find myself sitting around bored with nothing to do. For those of you who are the exact opposite, our revamped school government can help you out.

I have blogged about the Associated Students of Westminster College(ASWC) quite a few times, and that is probably because they are responsible for so many student events that take place here on campus. This Year's ASWC has been very succesful in carrying out all of their responsibilities. The clubs portion is flourishing with many new clubs and orgs forming every day. The activities commision has thrown some awesome, unprecedented events that have had record student attendance. But the one thing about ASWC that has impressed me the most is their new and improved communications department. Every Monday I open my email to find the "ASWC" weekly. This Email is a list of all the activities happening around campus and the sugarhouse area. This is great for finding fun events to get your mind off of your physics homework for a few hours. This week Matisyahu is in town for a concert, there are a few lectures on Tuesday and Thursday, the Latino club is sponsoring a night of good food and a viewing of the movie Sin Nombre, the Sugarhouse farmer's market is happening Friday afternoon, and finally their will be a concert on the Village Green  Friday night. The best part of the ASWC Weekly is...that it comes out weekly haha. These events happen all the time so you can never say to me that you are bored. Till next time....


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gone Fishin'


Its hard to believe that we are already two weeks into the fall semester!  I cannot believe it is my senior year here at Westminster, and in less than a year I will be a college I'm trying to live it up while I can.

Ever since I was little, I have always enjoyed fishing on lakes and ponds. I stopped going for a while during my high school years because I had no time. Well, I finally got back into it this summer and now I am heading up the river on a weekly basis while it is still warm enough outside. I have always wanted to try fly fishing, but never had a place where I could do it. Come to find out Utah is HUGE on fly fishing. So last weekend I bought a fly rod and started reading up on techniques. I spent all day last Sunday up on the Provo(in Heber, UT) and Weber(near Coalsville, UT) Rivers trying to master my new craft. I am now hooked on Fly Fishing. It was so relaxing to head up the mountain and wade in the rivers all day. We even fished on some guy's ranch where his cattle wades in the river right next to you(see photo above). Our fishing excursion was only a short thirty minute drive from campus. It was so cool to be immersed in such a rural setting without straying to far from Salt Lake. It was the most unique place that I have ever fished for sure.

If your interested in Fishing, or other outdoor trips, the school's Outdoor Rec program offers a nice spread for students. There is a fly Fishing trip for ten bucks at the end of september(everything included). Check out this link below for more trip information.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Ace in the Hole

N976WC sitting on the Ramp in Jackson hole with the Grand Teton Mountains in the backdrop

Over Aline, ID
Alpine, ID


Majoring in Aviation is not all fun and does require a lot of hard work and is a huge time commitment. That being said, I get to do some pretty rad things and see some amazing places. Last week  my lesson plan required me to fly a cross country flight( a flight conducted further then 50 miles from Salt Lake City) that took longer then two hours. Since it was my last cross country flight here at Westminster, I wanted to go somewhere new and i chose Jackson Hole,WY.

I have flown all over the inter-mountain west during my tenure here at Westminster. I have landed all over Utah, Western WY, Eastern NV, Northern ID and ever where in between. Jackson was by the far the coolest trip I have taken in an airplane. I left from Salt Lake at 1 o'clock on Sunday and arrived in Jackson hole around 2;30 pm where we were given a "courtesy car" to take into town. Every time i fly somewhere, i always make sure to sample some local eats. My instructor and i decided to hit up a BBQ place called Bubba's. If you ever go to Jackson eat is really good. We then cruised around the area taking in the amazing view. We spent about two hours there and then flew back to SLC getting a great view of the solar eclipse from the air...and to think this trip was required for a class haha. check out my video below of us Landing in Jackson hole. till next time